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Free Website Content Writing Samples

Before you hire a content writer, you definitely want to see their website content writing samples. This enables you to determine whether they are a perfect fit for your content creation job. Basically, content for website has the potential to make or break your website regardless of how amazing your […]

free website content writing samples

How to Align Website Content with Steps of the Buying Cycle

Statistics show that more than 70% of modern buyers are using search engines to start their buying process. Majority of these buyers intend to buy or hire a service. However, qualified buyers do not exceed 50%. According to Gleanster Research, lead nurturing through website content marketing has the potential to […]

website content for a buying cycle

How Professional Copywriters and Readers Utilize Emotional Intelligence

It’s no secret that modern businesses and companies need professional copywriters to excel in the digital marketing landscape. One reason for this is to utilize emotional intelligence to influence content readers in their favor. But, what exactly is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to regulate emotions with […]