When hiring a web design company in Dubai, consider it a marketing partner. Essentially, the firm will design a website that will play a vital role of enabling your business to accomplish its digital marketing goals. Even if you already have a business website that needs redesigning or looking for a new website, the success of your site will largely depend on its designer.

A professionally designed, mobile-friendly website will generate more leads than other online marketing channels. Considering the critical role of your website, it’s crucial that you give your web design job to the right company. But, how do you know that a company is ideal for your website design project? Here are essential questions to ask a web design company before you engage its services:

What Are Your Services?

A good web design team does more than just designing a website.  In addition to creating great web pages, it offers copywriting, graphic design, and marketing services. It also provides comprehensive social media marketing and SEO services. It’s therefore, imperative that you find out what a web design firm provides to ensure that it has what it takes to cater for your needs. Choose a firm that will maintain consistency for your brand in terms of image and words across different online marketing platforms.

What Makes You the Best Web Design Company in Dubai?

Every web designer that you come across will purport to be the best. But, you need proof to be sure that you are truly working with the best team. Therefore, find out what makes a web designer the best. Ask for a portfolio or samples of their past work. Let the company that you choose showcase its work on its own website or clients’ websites. Assess the style of the firm that you choose to know what exactly to expect from it. If possible, contact the clients of the company to know whether they were satisfied with the work done. Inquire whether they can recommend the designer.

Who will Handle My Project?

Find out who will handle your web design project and how to keep in touch with them. Designing a website is a process with several steps. It’s imperative that you maintain contact with the design team to ensure that your expectations are met in every step of the process. You may also want to add your input during the process. Remember that some companies have graphic designers, programmers, and writers that work on a web design project. Therefore, know the right person to talk to so that your input can be considered and probably implemented.

Do You Suggest Conversion Strategies?

Web design should entail more than just adding page visuals. It should include enhancing user experience. Therefore, find out if the company suggests web optimization and conversion strategies. Also ask why the company would recommend a strategy like pop-ups over lead magnets and vice versa.

What will happen if I don’t like the Initial Design?

You need to communicate your preference in terms of content and images. Let the web design company in Dubai know what exactly you are looking for. This ensures that complete reconstruction won’t be necessary after the team works on the initial design. There are different policies that govern the operations of different teams in terms of revisions or changes. Find out about such policies before the design process starts to avoid unnecessary disagreements later.

How long will the Web Design Project Take?

It’s possible to have delays during the process of designing your website. However, a reliable web designer should provide an estimate timeframe taking this into consideration. Find out if the time-frame suits you depending on your needs, unexpected changes, and issues with the design.

What will the Web Design Include?

In most cases, a web design includes five basic pages.

These are:

In addition, you may have specific landing pages that you want to have on your website. Inquire whether the quote that you receive includes the cost of adding those pages.

Do you Design Search Engine-Friendly Websites?

Integration of SEO into a website design is crucial for effective marketing of services and products. A search engine-friendly website ranks better when prospects use the selected terms to search for the offered services and products. For a website to be search engine-friendly, it needs proper coding and use of the latest standards. It should also have properly optimized content so that it can show up whenever prospects search for the offered services and products. Therefore, choose a web designer in Dubai that designs search engine-friendly websites.

What are the Steps of Your Web Design Process?

Ask whether the designer has a documented web design process. Find out if you will be allowed to review the work and approve it as your project progresses. This is a very important question because you need a checkpoint for your project. Assessing the project as it progresses enables you to avoid wasting resources and time on a project if you end up rejecting it. A professional web design company in Dubai has a design process that allows clients to review the project. This eliminates time or budget issues later.

How much will I Pay for the Web Design Project?

Nobody wants unpleasant surprises after waiting for a website to be designed. Therefore, ask for an upfront estimate for your web design project. Get a free web design quote that includes all necessary services. You may have to pay extra for some services unless they are specified.

Such services include:

It’s also imperative to inquire if you need to deposit some amount upfront or when to pay the full amount.

Asking these questions upfront enables you to avoid pitfalls that may ruin your experience during the web design process. Therefore, ask them and pay attention to the answers that you get to ensure a satisfying and comfortable relationship with your web design company.

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