Writing good articles is hard, isn’t it? Article writing is considered an art that is not easy master. And, to stand out as an article writer, you must ensure quality of every article that you write. Basically, writing brilliant articles is not just about stringing up a few sentences to communicate. It entails establishing a great command of grammar too. The saying that practice makes perfect applies in writing too. Writing skills can be disentangled one by one just like in cooking where you have to practice grinding, kneading, and mixing the right ingredients to produce a perfect dish.

However, a good article writer is serious and ready to put more effort in their work. They also have a clear perspective on how to enhance their writing within a certain period. To become a great writer, follow these tips:

1. Practice article writing in the morning hours

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to wake up early in the morning. But, this is one of the sacrifices that you have to make to become a great article writer. Many serious bloggers or writers prefer writing in the morning. Morning hours allow you to implement fresh ideas and write great content. It’s more peaceful and quitter in the morning and this allows you to improve your writing skills.

2. Be an avid reader

Read, read, and read. Reading gives you more ammunition in your writing arsenal. You learn different writing methods and discover new ideas that you may have never thought about. Reading enables you to build thoughts on what you will write on various topics. Don’t limit yourself in terms of the content that you read. Read fiction, business books, blogs, nonfiction, scientific articles, or anything that will expose you to new writing styles.

3. Keep off distractions

The human mind takes more than ten minutes to readjust after a distraction. Therefore, avoid using your mobile phone or visiting social networking sites while writing. Writing in a distraction-free environment keeps you focused on creating great content.

4. Go with the flow

Try not to edit your work as you write. Instead, go smoothly with the train of your thoughts. To create attractive and better content, don’t block your thoughts. Editing and creating content requires effort by different sides of the brain.

5. Conduct extensive research

Conduct thorough research on the topics that you want to write about. Research increases knowledge on the topic. It also enables thoughts and ideas to flow freely. Use a pen and a notebook to jot down key ideas on your topic. This is an essential skill for any bloggers or professional writer.

6. Write in stages

Article writing takes a lot of time because articles must pass through several stages before posting, submission, or delivery. Analyze the topic that you write about and make a list of ideas. Read through the complete paragraphs and sentences and edit the entire article. Proofread every article before submission or delivery.

Schedule these stages and you will have a great, final article.

7. Don’t worry about word count

Many writers worry about the length of their content. But, sometimes, fewer words make better articles. Yes, that’s right. A good article is not necessarily long. Articles are meant to captivate, inform, entertain or compel readers to take a certain action. And, audiences are your main critics. Hence, if they respond positively even to a short article, you will have achieved your goal.

8. Proofread your article

Proofread every article to eliminate typo and grammatical errors. Read your write-ups aloud or ask somebody else to read them for you. Remove sentences that do not sound well and factual errors in your articles. You can also use applications like Grammarly to check for errors in your content.

9. Learn grammar

Working on your grammar will boost your writing skills significantly. Grammatical errors put off many readers. Use books and publicly available articles on journals or blogs to improve your grammar. It takes time though for one to have great command of grammar.

These are simple article writing tips but following them will significantly boost your skills and make you a brilliant online article writer.

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