Article writing is not a cup of tea for everyone. It’s an art that has to be learned and mastered to perfect. Essentially, writing normal articles won’t take you far. If you plan to venture into the article writing or blogging world, you must learn to write articles that leaves a lasting impression.

Whether you want to write articles for websites, blogs, magazines, or directories, you must sharpen your writing craft. Nevertheless, writing articles is a fun way to learn and share passions. Publishing articles online is also a great way to market products, services and ideas. And, the writing possibilities are virtually endless.

Choose a Niche

While starting out in article writing, it’s wise to select a niche and specialize in it. This is particularly important when venturing into the world of freelance writing. There are many topics that you can write about. However, you will write better articles on certain topics than others. When you write on topics that you love, you will be motivated to write more and better. Nevertheless, select thoughtful, interesting and exciting topics.

But, once you feel confident in one niche, you can venture into others. Keep checking blogs and reading other people’s work for ideas and interesting topic ideas to write about. When writing for clients, find out the kind of articles they need first. Also find out whether clients need SEO articles. If that’s what they are looking for, familiarize yourself with SEO writing first.

Be Concise and Clear

When writing articles, make sure that your message comes out clearly. It’s important to note that articles are not the same as novels or poetry which are full of metaphors. Blog and website articles should be direct to the point and concise. Essentially, your articles should not be bogged down by filler phrases and words. Instead, they should have clearly articulated messages.

Practice Article Writing

To sharpen your writing skill, practice more often. The first articles that you write will not be amazing. However, this should not make you give up on your writing craft. Instead, practice writing constantly and keep improving. Always bear in mind that when you write more, you familiarize with your writing style. You also learn how to express yourself, present ideas, and make arguments in writing.

Write Passionately

You want to write articles because you are probably passionate about it. To excel in writing, let this passion shine. Heartfelt writing works better when it comes to enticing readers. It also enables you to write more naturally. Always remember that blogging and article writing are not more about what you get from other people. On the contrary, they are more about what comes from you.

Always Plan What You Write

Instead of plopping down at the keyboard and writing anything that comes to your mind, plan your writing first. Essentially, think about what you want to say through your writing. Choose a topic, conduct some research, and create an outline. The outline should have an article title, headings, subheadings, and paragraphs or points that you will develop under the headings.

Outlining your articles before you start writing will save you effort and time. It will also enable you to create more organized content that will be easier for your readers to follow.

Ensure Distraction-Free Writing

There are many things that can distract you when writing. Therefore, choose a distraction free zone for writing. For instance, when writing from home, make sure that kids and television won’t distract you. Also avoid mobile phones and social networks. This might be challenging because bloggers are active in numerous social networks. However, avoiding distraction will keep you motivated and enable you to write more. Thus, you will pimp up your article writing speed and skills when you keep distraction off when writing.

Appreciate Yourself

Everybody has challenges when starting out. In fact, you can be your worst critic when starting out. Although this enables you to identify mistakes and make appropriate adjustments, you will discourage yourself and hinder your progress if you become overly disapproving. So, if an idea seems impossible to phrase right, leave it and try to work on it later. You can also seek help from someone else.

Seek Professional Assistance  

If you are an internet marketer, business owner, or blogger, you may not have time to learn how to write an article or sharpen your writing skills. In that case, it’s wise to seek professional assistance.

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