Facebook has finally decided to overtake the small screen that you always carry in your pocket. The social media network is now prepared to take on a larger screen in your living room, Bishop Writers News has learned.

Testing the ability of users to stream videos to televisions using Google Chromecast or Apple TV connection is currently underway. This includes streaming live videos. If this development succeeds, it means that you will be able to stream Facebook videos to your TV transforming this platform into a legit second screen.

According Facebook Spokesperson, Facebook app updates are currently being tested. The updates will provide an app that supports video streaming from the app to the TV via Chromecast or AirPlay.

In 2011, Facebook added support for AirPlay in its iPad app. However, it is unclear why the company took that long before bringing it to the iPhone app. In May 2016, Android Police reported that Facebook seemed to test Chromecast support.

Bishop Writers News can report that Facebook Chromecast and Airplay support seems to be standard. As the video plays on TV, it is possible to minimize your in-app video player so that you can scroll through the news feed and find something else that you can watch. This feature also enables you to pass time while a spot in the video gets boring. It is a useful feature especially when an ad appears during a live streaming session.

Bishop News has learned that you can only set a single video to stream to Apple TV at a time. This was the case for YouTube iPhone app too initially. For Chromecast, the YouTube app allows users to add several videos to the queue. These play in Bing-style, sequentially.

The Connected-TV support appears to be worthwhile in terms of live streams on Facebook. While the live video plays on a large screen, comments feeds take over your small screen. This includes a box for comments. Ideally, this has turned Facebook to a second legit screen.

Facebook’s Chromecast and Airplay support might not seem to provide anything apart from video services similar to those of Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. However, it provides a major thing-the algorithm for news feed.

Up to now, Facebook uses its algorithm in enticing more people so that they can watch videos in its apps on the website. However, if it succeeds in attracting more programming such that people want to watch it on their televisions, it might succeed in winning living rooms in most homes. To achieve this, Facebook must provide high quality, longer videos as well as live broadcasts. It must also do a greater job instead of prompting users to simply watch it.

For now, Facebook can target living rooms that depend on Chromecast and Apple TV to stream videos.
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