Blog writing is one of the most effective online marketing techniques. In fact, a blog is a very important marketing tool for a modern company. That’s because a company can use its blog to earn the trust of its customers, educate them, generate leads and enhance brand awareness. But, if your readers tell you that your blog is boring, then there is so much that you should do about it. However, this should not break your heart.

The best blogs deliver value. They are aligned with the strategy of a business or company. They also engage readers and compel them to take the desired actions. What’s more, what you publish on your blog will enable you to establish a strong, consistent brand image for your business.

Nevertheless, publishing engaging and valuable content consistently is not easy. That’s why you need blog writing tips to guide you.

Hook Readers with the Introduction

A compelling title, first sentence, and the introduction in general will make readers read your blog post from the beginning to the end. Research has shown that 80% of the internet users read the headline of a copy while only 20% reads the entire blog post. This shows how important a great title is and why getting the introduction right will make your blog successful.

Some of the best ways to hook readers with the introduction include:

Target a Specific Audience

Effective blog posts target specific audiences. Therefore, before you start writing a post for your blog, decide its audience first. If you are writing a guest post, find out what the specific needs of the target audience of the blog where the post will be published are. What’s more, make sure that you write in a language that the target readers will easily understand. For instance, if you are writing a post for a real estate blog, write content that homeowners or home buyers will understand and find useful.

Illustrate Instead of Selling

Don’t just write about your services or products. Instead of bragging, publish content that adds value to the readers. Focus on building trust with the audience. And to achieve this, you must convince the audience that you are an expert in the industry or niche you are writing about.

Optimize Blog Posts for Search

Successful blog writing follows SEO rules. These include using keyword optimized Meta descriptions and titles, including the keyword anchor text, great keyword ratio, and proper keyword placement in the content. Mastering the best practices for search engine optimization will make search engines and users find your content relevant.

Make Your Blog Writing Precise and Concise

Every word, sentence, and phrase in your blog post should count. Short sentences will hold the attention of your readers. They will make them want to read your posts from the beginning to the end. Nevertheless, make your thoughts clear and argument strong.

Call for Action

You have a reason for writing. Blogs are mostly used to connect with the target audience and to trigger them to take an action. Therefore, end your blog with a conclusion that compels readers to take that action. You increase conversions when you include more calls to action in different ways throughout the post. Essentially, make sure that the calls to action address different parts of the marketing funnel.

Publish Unique Posts

Writing 100% unique blog posts is not easy. Even if you think you have an original idea, you will find another post about it online when you perform a quick search. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to take a different angle in your post.

Break Up Your Posts

Block texts are intimidating. Many people won’t read a wall of text because it is not fascinating. Therefore, use subheads, bullets, numbers, paragraphs and different font sizes to break up your post. Basically, always bear in mind the fact that visual presentation is very important in blog writing. That’s because the human brain process any written information spatially and visually rather than just textually.

Make Your Conclusion Punchy

After writing the introduction and the body, end your post with a call to action, thought-provoking question, a persuasive statement in the conclusion. You can also restate the main points of your post or show readers why they should care.

Great blogs are constantly updated with content that targets specific audiences. They feature informative and valuable content that is optimized for search engines and readers. Their posts have catchy titles and introductions that compel readers to read. They also have clear calls to action. These are some of the things that make such blogs successful.

To succeed in blogging, follow these tips whenever you write a blog post. Nevertheless, if you can’t write posts for your blog for any reason, don’t give up on blogging. Instead, hire a professional blog writer.

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