SEO Copywriters News-Hangouts On Air to Move from Google+ to YouTube Live

SEO copywriters, CMOs, business owners and other users of Google+ with events scheduled after 12th September using Google+ will now have to move their events to YouTube Live. According to an update on YouTube Help Site, it will no longer be possible for users to schedule Hangouts On Air events through Google+ accounts. From September […]

SEO Copywriting Services News: Twitter Makes Brands’ Ads from Stickers

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Twitter has turned stickers into adverts for brands without disclosing its criteria for charges. The move marks the latest attempt by Twitter and an example of the trend for injecting brands not just into the content feeds for the users but also in the actual content. This is definitely something that should capture the attention […]

SEO Copywriting Services News: CMOs and SEO-Boardroom Metrics and Communication that Matters

Securing Search engine optimization investments or even having SEO copywriting services’ cost included in the marketing budget of a company is becoming a tougher challenge for digital marketing departments. This is particularly the case when Chief Marketing Officers don’t understand this channel’s value fully. However, SEO is currently a digital or internet marketing activity that […]

Google to Rollout New AdWords Interface to More Users Soon-SEO Copywriting Services News

It is finally official that Google will roll out a new interface to more AdWords users soon. This is definitely something that SEO copywriters, search engine marketers and SEO copywriting services providers should look forward to. In March, Google announced that it would make a sweeping change in the AdWords interface. This product didn’t have […]

Facebook Steps up War against Clickbaits: Good News to Professional SEO Copywriters

Facebook has come up with a system of identifying the most common phrases that are used in clickbaits by quack webmasters, website owners and SEO copywriters. On Thursday August 4th 2016, the social media giant announced its latest salvo in its war against clickbaits. In a blog post titled “News Feed FYI: Further Reducing Clickbait […]