What is the ideal content writing services pricing? This is a common question that people ask when enlisting SEO copywriting services. Actually, many high ranking pages in Google’s search results for different keywords relate to this phrase. So, we have decided to conduct research and reveal pricing for most SEO content writing services. This is the latest pricing guide and it tells you the amount of money you will most likely part with when outsourcing blog posts, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, and other SEO content. Bishop Writers has done research to save you time.

What you should know about content writing services pricing

Basically, the amount of money that you pay for your content varies depending on the company, agency, or freelance writer that you hire.

Here are some of the prices for different types of content:

Landing pages

A landing page content is similar to the content that you post on your about, services, and home pages. A properly written landing page should have a distinct, clear call to action. It should also incorporate keywords that you want to rank for. Normally, a landing page ranges between 250 and 450 words. But, this depends on a website’s design. The goal of a landing page is to convert a website visitor into a buyer. Therefore, having quality content on your landing pages can make a significant difference in terms of conversion rates. On the other hand, poorly written landing page content will have significant negative effects on your sales. These pages are not easy to write. Therefore, they are among the most expensive SEO content. Some writers, agencies, and companies charge up to $25,000 per piece of landing page content. However, Bishop Writers doesn’t have a fixed price for landing page content. We charge a reasonable price depending on our pricing factors.

Mini posts

A mini post refers to the regular content for posting on a blog. This is emailed to a client in a single Word Document or File. In most cases, clients ask Bishop Writers to craft several blog posts and send them at once. We write mini posts with relevant keywords based on the instructions of our clients. That means we save our clients money and time. Again, some writers, companies, and agencies charge up to $100 for a mini blog post. However, Bishop Writers considers numerous factors to charge the most reasonable price for mini posts. We also consider specific the requirements of the clients when setting mini posts prices. Get in touch with us to discuss content writing services pricing for your mini blog posts.

In-depth and link bait articles

These are hyped and longer than SEO blog posts. They are meant to go viral and they are usually provocative. Writing these articles requires experience, talent, and effort. That means they are costly to outsource. Nevertheless, the traffic that they bring pays off. Some writers and agencies charge around $750 for link baits. Again, Bishop Writers doesn’t have a fixed price for link baits. Our pricing for link bait articles depend on client-specific requirements. Contact us to find out how much you can pay for your link baits.

Press release

A press release has a specific format that should be followed when writing. And, formatting a press release is the hardest part of this form of writing. The other important part is crafting a catchy headline. A press release should also be written from a clear, semi-objective point of view. Ideally, journalists and editors should copy-paste press releases to their blogs and articles. Some agencies charge up to $1500 per a press release. But, this includes writing and editing the press release as well as distributing and promoting it. Bishop Writers offers reasonably priced press release writing services depending on different pricing factors. Get in touch with us to discuss your press release pricing.

SEO blog posts

These are also called SEO articles and they are very easy to write for experienced writers. The goal of SEO blog posts is to increase target organic traffic to a website. These posts drive SEO while fueling social media marketing. They also introduce a brand to internet users. Ideally, these posts are the main reason why many people visit a website. While reading blog posts, readers tend to click on the provided links. Generally, SEO blog posts tend to drive sales indirectly when written correctly. Thus, this content writing services pricing can be relatively higher. Some people and SEO copywriting companies charge upwards of $100 for a single SEO blog post. However, Bishop Writers uses reasonable pricing factors to determine the most ideal price to charge for this content.

Email newsletters

Writing an email newsletter entails creating a subject title that is focused on boosting open rates. The writer focuses efforts on holding the attention of the readers once they get captivated by the title. Eventually, the writer moves them towards taking the desired action. Generally, a great email newsletter is not easy to write. You can buy an email newsletter for as low as $4 in Craigslist. However, you can pay a reputable online copywriting agency up to $2,500 for a newsletter. Bishop Writers charges the most reasonable fee for an email newsletter depending on a number of factors. Contact us to find out how much you will pay for your email newsletters.

Our content writing services pricing

Bishop Writers understands that every business is unique with specific needs and predicament. We also acknowledge the fact that different types of content require varying skills, different amount of time and effort to complete. Therefore, we consider different pricing factors to determine the most ideal price to charge for our content.

Our content pricing factors include:

One important thing to note is that Bishop Writers will never compromise quality for any content. We’d rather decline an order than accept it and deliver low quality content. That means you are guaranteed value for every cent that you invest in our content writing service. So, get in touch with us to find out how much you will pay for your content.

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