How to Find a Professional SEO Copywriter

So, you have realized that you need a professional SEO copywriter to help you in creating content for your site or blog. Remember that the person that you hire to write your SEO content will represent your brand. Therefore, be very picky when making this choice. Here are hints to help you find the right SEO content writer.

Hints on how to hire a professional SEO copywriter

  • Understand SEO copywriting first: Some website and business owners think that SEO copywriting is simply stuffing keywords and phrases in the content. This is wrong. A professional SEO copywriter focuses on well-researched keywords but they don’t stuff them in the content. Professional SEO copywriting is about creating informative, targeted, enticing and readable content.
  • Review the capabilities of the SEO copywriter: Some SEO copywriters are one-stop shops that employ writers and technologists. However, an SEO copywriting company can offer SEO copywriting services only. Therefore, don’t jump into conclusion. Ask the copywriter if they just write SEO content or they offer SEO services too.
  • Know what you are looking for: Maybe you want landing pages, video scripts, white papers, newsletters, blog posts or webpage content. The SEO copywriter that you hire will be your long term partner. They will help you in building your business and growing its revenue streams. Therefore, make sure that they can produce the SEO content that you want. You can test them by asking them to write a test article, a blog post or a video script.
  • Familiarize yourself with SEO copywriting skills: An SEO copywriter can be a newbie and still be a good SEO content writer. However, the best SEO copywriters are experts with comprehensive skills sets. A professional SEO copywriter will conduct keyword research and create quality content for your website or blog around the chosen keywords. Whether you hire a newbie or an experienced professional should depend on your SEO copywriting needs.
  • Ask questions: The best SEO copywriters are available most of the times. They take a very short time to respond to queries from clients. As such, you can always ask them questions about their expertise and what they can deliver. Take advantage of this to find out more about their capabilities. This will enable you to determine if they can handle your SEO copywriting project. For instance, ask about their prices and how you can reach them any time. Also ask how fast they can deliver the SEO content that you want. This will enable you to determine if the SEO copywriter is the best choice for your copywriting project.
  • Know who will write your SEO copies: If you hire a team of SEO copywriters like Bishop Writers, make sure that you know who will write your content. This will enable you to ensure that your content is written by a skilled expert. Ideally, a professional SEO copywriter will deliver quality SEO content within the agreed time. They will not outsource content from semi-qualified writers who know little or nothing about SEO copywriting.
  • Check their own website: You can tell whether a website belongs to a professional SEO copywriter at a glance. Its content is professionally written and organized. It flows smoothly and it is easy to read. This is a reflection of the content that you will have on your site or blog once you hire their services.
  • Understand pricing: Understand what is included in their fee. For instance, is the quoted price inclusive of keyword research? Will the SEO copywriter compose Meta descriptions and titles without charging an extra fee? Make sure that you know what is included in the quoted fee.

Important questions to ask a professional SEO copywriter

Before you enter a contract with a professional SEO copywriter or pay for the content, ask the following questions:

  • Do you work alone or with a team of SEO copywriters?
  • Do you have an in-house team or do you outsource work?
  • Do you have samples of SEO copies?
  • What SEO content do you create like blog posts, descriptions, newsletters and reviews?
  • For how long have you been offering SEO copywriting services?
  • How do you keep up-to-date with the latest SEO copywriting trends?
  • Can you provide an ongoing SEO content strategy?
  • What is included in your fees; keyword research, titles and Meta descriptions?

Finding a professional SEO copywriter to work with requires due diligence and time. However, once you find the right expert, hold on to them and never let them go. A professional SEO copywriter will create amazing copies for your site and brand. They will improve the overall online presence of your brand. Ideally, they ensure that you reap the full benefits of publishing quality content on your site or blog.

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