Google has announced that all local searches that are related to drinks and food will now return reviews from the top critics while including best-of lists. This announcement is good news to companies that have always hired review writing services of the best SEO copywriting companies.

The announcement was made on the official blog of this search engine giant via a blog post titled “Never miss a “must-try” with Google search” To the SEO copywriting industry, this is a window of opportunity for SEO companies and copywriters to utilize their expertise in ranking their clients.

According to SEO copywriters from Bishop Writers, foods and drinks establishments that have always hired services of the best SEO copywriting companies stand to benefit from the move in terms of local searches.

The blog post noted that the aim of this move is to enable Google App users to make the most of their U.S visits. The results will be based on the keywords that users type on the Google App. For instance, when a user types the keyword “Chinese restaurant,” the app will bring up the Chinese restaurant with the best reviews. Further in the search results, the app will also provide over 10 best-of lists.

For those traveling to the New York City, the announcement by Google includes several tips for identifying the “must-try” food as well as drink places in the city. This makes things easier for you when looking for the most ideal afternoon activity before you attend a meeting with a friend or go for dinner.

The selected Google places will now show the duration that typical people spend at the locations. For instance, the Google App can suggest that you visit The High Line if you have a few free minutes. If you have more minutes, Google App may suggest that you visit the Central Park.

Basically, whether you are just stopping by the city over the weekend or looking for a new watering hole in your local area, the latest Google tools will hit the right spot.

Ideally, drinks and food establishments in the U.S should now take review writing services more seriously. With professionally written reviews, these establishments stand to rank higher in the search results and increase their chances of being visited by more customers.

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