It is finally official that Google will roll out a new interface to more AdWords users soon. This is definitely something that SEO copywriters, search engine marketers and SEO copywriting services providers should look forward to.

In March, Google announced that it would make a sweeping change in the AdWords interface. This product didn’t have a facelift for some time. However, the Search Engine surprised some AdWords Users when they saw a new UI appear on hopping into their accounts. Google later confirmed that this interface would eventually roll out to more users of AdWords soon.

Some features are hard to find for SEO copywriting services providers

Some SEO copywriters and providers of SEO copywriting services have confirmed that finding some features in the new interface is not easy. They have also termed the change as “radical.”

According to a post on Google official blog by Jerry Dischler, the Vice President of Product Management- AdWords, the search giant will continue to create new experience for AdWords users in 2016 and 2017.

Google invites advertisers to try out the new AdWords interface and provide feedback. The post by the search engine further states that several factors will influence how Google will send invites. Therefore, testing the experience of the new interface will not be instant for all advertisers.

It’s more about your business

In the post, Jerry notes that AdWords should focus more on your business rather than Google products. The aim of this AdWords redesigning move is to ensure that everything supports how AdWords users think about their businesses. This ranges from how they express their business goals to how they manage and measure the effectiveness of their ads. The main objective is to make execution and optimization of campaigns super easy on the basis of the unique marketing goals of users.

Important data on your fingertips

The move is also aimed at ensuring that important data is at the fingertips of AdWords users. From campaigns for driving most profit to traffic percentage that comes from mobile, Google wants to provide insights and assist users visualize them in ways that are more actionable. According to Jerry, when you see the most relevant data for your business objectives, you can put more efforts in campaigns’ optimization. You can also identify opportunities with ease.

Simple yet powerful

Providers of SEO copywriting services, search engine marketers and SEO copywriters at Bishop Writers agree that what’s important is having simple but powerful tools. These are tools that enable advertisers to do more within the shortest time possible. In this move, Google aims at enabling AdWords users to complete important tasks such as managing extensions for Adwords and creating reports in a single place. The redesign is about creating more intuitive flow of work with less clutter. The new interface enables users to make changes that propel business forward quickly and easily.

SEO copywriters, search engine marketers and providers of SEO copywriting services should however note that the move is purely about interface redesign. It does not affect the core AdWords’ functionality. In fact, Bishop SEO copywriters and search engine marketers note that this change will enable advertisers to reach the full spectrum of display, search, shopping, video and mobile.

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