You have most probably heard people call some copywriters Google SEO copywriters. These are copywriters who write with a focus on ranking websites higher in the Google search results. However, effective SEO copywriting is more than writing for the search engines. It entails writing compelling, useful and valuable content. It’s about writing content that targets specific search terms or keywords so that website visitors can share it on the social media. This increases relevance and authority of the content while improving the ranking of a website in Google for the targeted keywords. When content is properly crafted for Google and readers, it helps in solving specific problems of the target customers.

Important SEO copywriting elements that are followed by the best Google SEO copywriters

# 1: Website speed

Studies have shown that a web page that takes over 3 seconds to load fully is abandoned by 40% of its visitors. They have also revealed that the expectation of 47% of the end users is that a web page should load within 2 seconds. This means that website speed is a crucial ranking factor and it’s important for the users too. Therefore, improve the load speed of your site if it’s slow. Remember that even if you have great content on your website but it takes long to load fully, visitors will leave due to their short attention span.

#2: Headline

You might have valuable content on your website but if you have mediocre headlines, your site will have limited clicks. On average, internet users who read headlines are five times more than those who read the copy of the body. This is because headlines create impressions. When it comes to SEO copywriting headlines should be used to attract attention. This is where some Google SEO copywriters might go wrong. These copywriters may write content by forcing keywords into the headlines. Using professional SEO copywriting services such as those offered by Bishop Writers enables you to convey specific ideas or messages in the best way possible.

#3: Content

Content is a crucial element in SEO copywriting. The major reason for using search engines to conduct search is to find useful content. Google feeds on fresh, quality content. This is why you need to update your website consistently. To create quality content and rank better in the search engines, target specific keywords but don’t over-optimize or stuff keywords in the content. Ideally, include the keywords in the headline but ensure that it reads naturally for the readers.

#4: Meta Description

Before you write content or publish it, come up with a Meta description. This guides searchers and search engines. It enables them to understand the topic of your content and the reason why the target keywords or key phrases appear in your content. According to Moz, a Meta description is a HTML attribute whose role is to provide a concise explanation of the content of a page to the search engines. A Meta description is used by Google as the snippet when users search for your target keywords. It determines whether people click on your site or no regardless of how high it ranks in search results.

#5: Keyword density and frequency

Some Google SEO copywriters will go wrong on this. Keyword density and keyword frequency are not as effective now as they were in the past. Effective SEO copywriting avoids excessive insertion of keywords, header tag stuffing and keyword stuffing. However, organic ranking is still affected by keyword density. Keyword frequency or density is among the ranking factors used by Google. This means you need to consider it while writing content but avoid going overboard.

#6: Page links

Page links are important building blocks of a web page. They tell Google that a web page is sociable and connected. They also signal Google that your content is useful and people can access it elsewhere. The content you link to can be your own or from another site or author. Having links to other pages or sites indicates that you value content by other people. Google rewards you for organizing global information as well as making it accessible universally.

What the best Google SEO copywriters do is to get the right keywords, conduct research for accurate data and use both keywords and data to create irresistible content. That’s what Bishop Writers offer you. Get in touch with us via to hire our SEO copywriting services or simply fill out the order form on our homepage.