Any modern business is bound to benefit from social media marketing. Since the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, many businesses have used them to get ahead of their competitors. These have come up with innovative ways of advertising and marketing their services and products to prospects directly. In fact, many businesses are using the social media to capture the attention of their prospects. Today, social media has become a great advertising and marketing tool especially for businesses. Small, medium-size and large enterprises are using the social media to build awareness and engage current customers and prospects.

Use the social media to advertise your business

For startups or small businesses, social media marketing can be used to solve many issues. Perhaps, your startup is not getting better results from paid search marketing or advertising. In that case, a more targeted option can be an ideal option. Social media advertising gives you an improved targeting option. For instance, Facebook allows you to advertise to a custom audience.

This is beneficial to your business for the following reasons:

Use analytics for social media marketing

Any startup or business needs Google Analytics. However, social media enables a business to tap into the personal side of its analytics. Google Analytics provide a breakdown of the visitors to a company website. This includes gender, age brackets and groupings in general interests. However, Audience Insights from Facebook provides more on the basis of your fans. Facebook Insights enable you to see the number of people who have loved, liked and been wowed by the content on your website courtesy of Facebook Reactions.

Use social media for branding

People use different social networks. However, everybody has a favorite social network. That’s where they spend most of their free time. This can be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social platform. That’s why you need to invest in different social networks depending on your niche. However, to succeed in social media marketing when it comes to branding, you need to follow certain tips.

Tips for social media branding

Use social media for competitor research

Using the paid and free tools of the social media, it is possible to learn about competitors. For instance, you can use Facebook Reactions to find out what the target audience thinks about your competitors’ content. You can use Facebook Insights to learn about the demographics of the fans of your competitors including their likes and dislikes.

Employ social media marketing for SEO

Social media is beneficial to content marketing. It drums up social shares which increase links as well as traffic. Additionally, social media enhances SEO by enabling your brand to dominate the first page of the search results.

Use social media for customer service

People want fast communication. Today, many people prefer social media communication because it enables them to avoid phone calls. That’s why most people are using Facebook and Twitter to contact brands. With a Facebook Page for instance, it is possible to send private messages to your prospects and allow them to communicate with your brand by posting on your wall or sending inbox messages.

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