Importing Pakistan leather products can be a very profitable and rewarding business. However, it can also be very intense. There are many variables that you should consider before you venture into this business. Whether you want to import leather products from Pakistan into the United States, UK, Australia or any other country, you should have a clear plan of how to do it.

Consider the Pakistan Leather Products to Import

Pakistan is recognized globally for exporting finished leather products. However, there is an increasing need to transform more leather into value-added items. Exporting more finished leather products from Pakistan to any destination will fetch a higher value. It is possible to export finished leather products from Pakistan throughout the year. This is because this country’s leather production is rarely affected by seasons.

Among the finished leather products that can be exported from Pakistan include:

Consider Quality

Skins from goats and hides from buffalo and cows from Pakistan have a satisfactory quality. Pakistan produces a better ship skin in terms of substance, grain and the overall compactness of the fibers. Leather tanneries and manufacturers of leather products in Pakistan are focused on increasing the quality of leather and finished leather products for export.

In fact, the leather industry in Pakistan is playing a significant role in activating the World Trade Organization. This industry is quality conscious and responsible in upholding the image of the Pakistan leather industry. Therefore, when you choose the right Pakistan leather supplier, you are bound to export quality leather products from this country.

Export Registration

Before you start exporting this country’s leather products, you should register your company as an exporter with the Export Promotion Bureau. The bureau has regional and sub-regional offices. You will be issued with a five year certificate but you can renew it by depositing a renewal fee. The export registration application should be submitted on a prescribed form application.

Here are the major requirements for export registration:

Transporting Pakistan Leather Products

While considering the transportation of leather products from Pakistan, consider the legal documents that will be required on the way. A reputable freight forwarding company is your best bet in this case. An ideal freight forwarding company provides a comprehensive service package including guiding you through red tapes that are involved in the shipment of leather products from Pakistan. Ideally, the freight forwarding company that you choose should give you a quote on the basis of your unique requirements.

Duty and VAT

It is crucial that you consider the VAT and duty that you will be charged to import leather products from Pakistan into your country. This varies from country to country. If you want to import finished Pakistan leather jackets, leather wallets, leather purses and leather bags, you are likely to be charged a higher duty if your country produces such products.

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