Instagram’s algorithm will now decide how stories will be ordered by referencing the content that users engage with most on Instagram and Facebook. This move is aimed at giving new stories to the users instead of fighting its chance against Snapchat. Instagram has now turned to the use of data-powered algorithm of Facebook, the parent company, in deciding how to order stories that appear at the top of the main feed of the application. To brands that use the social media to promote products and services, the move makes services of professional SEO copywriters important than ever.

A New Angle into the Rivalry

The algorithmic feed approach indicates another angle that Intagram is taking in its rivalry with Snapchat. Instagram has cloned the Stories product by Snapchat so closely such that it’s difficult to distinguish the two.

Instagram provides a watered-down Snapchat’s tool for Stories’ creation. No illustrated filters, no lenses and animated emojis. However, Instagram has improved the viewing experience. Instagram users can pause and even rewind videos. This is not the case with Snapchat.

According to the Instagram Spokesperson, the algorithm of Instagram will now decide how stories will be ordered by referencing the content that people engage with most on Instagram and Facebook. On the basis of these signals as well as others that are yet to be disclosed, stories will be prioritized by the algorithm from users that the app thinks users are more likely to be interested in.

Snapchat, an Instagram rival, orders stories in a simple, reverse-chronological order. With Snapchat, the most recent stories appear at the top of the feed. However, even Snapchat has considered a move to switch its algorithmic feed.

Getting content made easier

Professional SEO copywriters and content marketers agree that there are many pros of algorithmic feed for content platforms, users and businesses. However, it has its cons for creators and companies that depend on the platform to get free content distribution.

An algorithm makes getting content easier for users, which in this case, are the stories that they are likely to be interested in. This approach makes Instagram the best option when it comes to getting a seamless entertainment experience.

This is also the case for the adoption of algorithm by Instagram for its main feed. This approach makes all the difference between flipping via a TV channel guide trying to get something interesting to watch and using Netflix which allows you to pick a program almost instantly.

Initially, Instagram showed 5 stories only including the user’s own stories in a horizontal feed. A reverse-chronological-only feed provides a greater opportunity for inadvertently hiding some stories that users are most interested in. In case this happens too often, users might end up being conditioned to ignoring the Stories feed. This would hurt stories viewership while providing fewer reasons for creating stories on the platform.

According to the Chief Innovation Officer at Laundry Agency, a digital agency, an algorithmic feed differentiates stories product for Instangram in a way that is true to its mission of connecting people to those close to them.

Money making algorithm

Currently, Instagram is not making money with its algorithm because brands are not paying for Stories that they put on the Stories feed. However, the reverse-chronological feed provides a reason why brands should pay for the placement of their stories. Expert SEO copywriters from Bishop Writers note that brands can time Stories updates or update continuously to appear at the top of the Stories Feed. This option does not exist with algorithmic feed. A brand can either earn its way to the top of the Stories Feed or pay for this privilege. This arrangement is similar to the one that has fueled the Multi-billion dollar ads business by Facebook for years.