Marketing funnels and SEO copywriting are intertwined. Perhaps, you may ask, what is a marketing funnel? A marketing funnel can be defined as a set of numerous steps that a website visitor goes through before they are converted into a customer or a client. Every website owner wants visitors to take some actions. For instance, Bishop Writers wants you to hire our service. As a site owner, you may want visitors to sign up for a newsletter, place an order for a product, or fill out a provided form. Conversion occurs when a website visitor does what the website owner wants them to do. But, for conversion to occur, the visitor must go through certain steps which make a marketing funnel.

How marketing funnels and SEO copywriting work

SEO copywriting entails crafting informative and promotional content for marketing campaigns. Such content is used for email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, and it is aimed at generating leads. Basically, this content is very important when it comes to the first step of the marketing funnel which entails creating awareness or discovery.


At this step, the goal is to acquire customers or clients indirectly and create brand awareness. Professional SEO copywriting bring more visitors to websites and social media platforms. Remember that modern consumers use the internet to discover or find services and products. As such, the content that you post on your online platforms must focus on enabling prospects to discover your products and services online.

Bishop Writers craft content that makes clients more visible or easily discoverable by prospects via organic search. Our SEO copywriting entails writing blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, product reviews, website content, and social media posts that are friendly to the search engines and internet users. That means the content brings more visitors to the websites and social media platforms of our clients.


The goal of this step is to maximize direct customers or clients acquisition. Perhaps, this is where marketing funnels and SEO copywriting are more intertwined. At this step, visitors want to learn more about the presented service or product. Thus, you must provide content that enables them to associate with the product, service, or solution that you offer. That means your content must enable visitors to evaluate the service or product. You must spur their interest and educate them about your service or product. It’s important to note that prospects or visitors are yet to trust you at this step. Therefore, don’t put on a sales hat yet.

Our team of experienced SEO copywriters knows this step very well. We craft content that carefully moves visitors towards the next step. We ensure that visitors get content that illustrates how your product or service will solve their problems. Such content includes product descriptions, how-to-content, case studies, and demonstrations.


The goal of the conversion step is to increase transactions with clients or customers. This is a crucial step in the marketing funnel. That’s because at this stage, you are done courting the prospect or visitor and you are now ready to convert them into a customer or client. Depending on the style of your brand, this is the step where you make a direct sales pitch. It is the narrowest part because only those interested in your service or product move to this step. This step presents a chance to convince them that your service or product is worth investing in. You can provide testimonials, reviews, or a comprehensible, trustworthy, and streamlined sales process.

Bishop Writers crafts straightforward content for this step. This involves clear descriptions of the products of our clients. We outline the value that customers or clients will get from your product or service.


At this step, the goal is to retain the acquired customers or clients. This entails provision of support and assistance. SEO copywriting is part of this process because the ultimate aim is to turn a one-time buyer or client into a repeat customer or client. Here, marketing funnels and SEO copywriting relate in the sense that customers and clients need information about your product or service on a continuous basis. For instance, they need how-to information, tips, and hints. At Bishop Writers, we know how to craft informative and compelling content that enables our clients to retain their customers and clients.

Use SEO copywriting to improve conversion and retention

As explained above, every step of the marketing funnel requires a unique approach. Just like you post different messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you should have unique content for every step of your marketing funnel. Regardless of the step that you need content for, our SEO copywriting services will enable you to move more visitors or prospects to the next step. That’s because we focus our copywriting on improving conversion and retention for our clients.

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