Hiring New York SEO copywriting services is the best approach towards enhancing the online presence of your business. SEO copywriting or web copywriting is a unique online marketing method. It entails writing copies that enable the search engines to find your website or blog and rank it higher in the search results. It also involves writing content for the audience or website visitors who are your potential customers. This implies that SEO copywriting combines search engines optimization and search engine marketing.

What Prospects Want

Potential customers and clients want content that is detailed just like the search engines need content that is easy to crawl and index. Studies have shown that most visitors will return to a website or web page if it has more information about a service or a product. Similarly, a large percentage of visitors will return to a page or website if it has service and product recommendations and suggestions.

New York SEO Copywriting Services- What they are about

SEO copywriting services for New York businesses, companies, organizations and individual website owners are about placing keywords in quality, relevant website and blog content. This is particularly the case for home page content or service page content. It is important because keyword placement and keyword density are some of the crucial factors that influence the ranking of a website by the search engines.

On-page SEO Copywriting in New York

Every web page should have a focus keyword. This is the keyword that forms the theme of that web page and it should be relevant to the content of the home page or service page. Generally, every page should have a focus or a theme. Ideally, the theme should be expressed in three words. While offering our SEO copywriting services in New York, we focus on provided keywords or conduct our own keyword research. We incorporate the keywords in the headlines, body copies and subheads. We do this while ensuring that the copy reads well, natural and that it makes sense while enhancing the realization of your marketing goal.

Themed Pages

Every web page should have a target keyword or phrase. Using more keywords can dilute the effectiveness of a theme. As such, we ensure that the theme of each page is maintained throughout using the right keywords at the right frequency. We also ensure proper layout of the information to make it easier for visitors to read. If themed pages need grouping on the basis of key phrases or keywords we use keywords that describe them better to group them. Our SEO copywriters use effective tools in selecting the right keywords for each page.

Keyword Placement

We place keywords as close as possible to the beginning of a webpage copy. This is known as keyword prominence. We also include the keyword in the H1 as well as H2 tags. There are search engines that look for the keywords at the bottom of a web page. Therefore, we include keywords in the entire copy and at the bottom of the page. While offering our New York SEO copywriting services, we ensure that the content remains as readable as possible instead of just running keywords in the content.

What to Expect from our New York SEO Copywriting Services

Once you hire our SEO copywriting services, we give you certain guarantees.

They include the following:

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