With the society increasingly accepting plastic surgery, it is important to know the most popular plastic surgery trends 2016 options especially if you are critical about your appearance. Plastic surgeons are developing new procedures for enhancing the overall appearance of individuals. Botox is becoming increasingly popular. Facial feminization and body modifications are also examples of the adaptability of the plastic surgery industry. However, there are other major trends that are shaping the landscape of the cosmetic surgery industry in the current era.

Smaller Breasts-The Most Popular among Plastic Surgery Trends 2016 Options

More women want to have supersize fries and smaller chests. This is among the most popular plastic surgery trends 2016 options. Gone are the days when women wanted ridiculously large, voluptuous breasts. The top-heavy trend is out and in comes the bottom heavy trend. In fact, some surgeons say that with 2016 plastic surgery trends, buttocks are like the new breasts. The butt bump trend can be attributed to the widespread attention that Kim Kardashian got over the recent past. This has spiked more interest in this derriere.

Feminization Surgery

Feminization surgery is a plastic surgery trend that has become increasingly popular in 2016. Transgender women are satisfied with their looks. However, there are women who want feminization procedures. These are women who want to look better because they look somewhat manly. There are safe surgeries for such women that are being used increasingly to enhance their feminine beauty. For instance, lip enhancement is among the feminization surgery procedures that have increasingly been used to enhance female beauty in 2016. In 2015, more plastic surgeons and dermatologists reported an increase in lips enhancement requests than in 2014. This is a form of feminization surgery trend whose popularity is bound to increase in the future.


Micro-needling is a plastic surgery procedure that is used to address issues like acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and pore-tightening. With this trend, you might think lasers are no longer necessary. However, this is not the case. The only thing that has changed is that plastic surgeons have known how to use lasers better. Lasers are still serving a great role of eliminating pigmented spots, some blood veins or vessels and reducing the growth of hair. They are also being used for tattoo removal. However, lasers are slowly being replaced by micro-needling when it comes to some cosmetic surgery procedures. For instance, reducing stretch marks, large pores and acne scarring are some of the procedures for which micro-needling is increasingly being used. Micro-needling is a less expensive plastic surgery procedure with minimal downtime. It is also safe for all skin colors.

Fat Grafting

Many plastic surgeons are reporting an increase in fat grafting procedure requests. In 2015, fat transfer from other body parts to the face was the 9th most popular plastic surgery procedure. An increase in fat grafting to the buttocks and breasts was also reported in the same year. Basically, fat grafting entails harvesting tissue or fat from one body part and redistributing it to other parts via tiny incisions. Face fat grafting is used in restoring the fullness of deflated features or features that lose shape with age. This procedure is a great alternative for injectables since it is permanent while fillers last for 6 to 9 months only. It is definitely becoming a one of the most popular plastic surgery trends 2016 options.

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