Bishop Writers SEO copywriting services have a flexible pricing system. We do not charge the same price for all orders. Ideally, every content order is unique and this causes variation in SEO copywriting pricing. For instance, a client might want us to write one blog post for them every day. Such a client will be charged differently from another client that wants us to write bulk content for their web pages. Similarly, a client that wants one SEO article or one press release will pay differently from another client that needs more than 100 articles or press releases. However, we charge reasonable prices for all our SEO copywriting services.

What Influences Our SEO copywriting Pricing?

When determining the price to charge for your SEO articles, press release, blog posts, product descriptions, website content, product reviews and other content that you order from us, we consider several factors. These factors influence our SEO copywriting pricing for every project.

They include:

  • Nature of your order or content that you want
  • Level of research that is required to write the content
  • Size of the order
  • Technical difficulty of the work
  • Time required to complete the order

Get Value for Your Money

Regardless of the nature of your order, we offer you the best value for the money that you invest in our SEO copywriting services. We charge you rates that represent the best value that you can get with your money for superior quality content. If you compare quality of our content with that of content from other SEO copywriters or web consultants, you will notice the clear distinction. We deliver quality, customized content at the most reasonable price. The content that you order from us will be written with your business objectives and target market in mind.

Get Cost Estimates Now

Perhaps, you are wondering how long your job will take us to complete. Generally, the duration that we take to complete and deliver any order depends on the requirements that you set for the order. Many variables affect the time that we need to complete your project. They include the level of research that is required and whether you have provided research resources like links with relevant information. Email the details of your order/project with us to get an estimate now.

Payment Terms

To order SEO articles, blog posts, press releases, website content, product descriptions, product reviews and general articles among others from Bishop Writers, you need to make a 50% deposit. The remainder of the invoice should be settled after the order has been completed. Bishop Writers accepts PayPal payments only because PayPal is more efficient and convenient. Kindly check our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy which protect the client and Bishop Writers while preventing possible misunderstanding.

Availability and Timing

Bishop Writers is always available, Monday to Friday but you can email us the details of your order or project over the weekend. However, if you want to place an urgent order, please contact us via to find out if we can handle it within your timeframe.

Get a Free Quote

To get a free quote for your SEO copywriting project or order, share some details of your order with us including your projected estimate. We will respond to your email as soon as possible as possible with a free quote or inquiring more about your order. Nevertheless, if you provide sufficient details we will give you a quote for your order as soon as we can.

For more details about our SEO copywriting pricing or to order content from us, email us through