What is SEO content Marketing Strategy?

SEO content marketing has raised some confusion in the online marketing industry over the recent past with some marketers advocating for an effective SEO content marketing strategy. Others have been advocating for SEO techniques with content writing as one of the techniques. Regardless of your view, an SEO campaign cannot succeed without quality content creation. This is why many businesses have been hiring the best SEO content writers such as Bishop Writers.

What is SEO content?

“Content is King.” This phrase has created a buzz in the online marketing industry over the years. Generally, creating quality content as a task is at the core of any search engine optimization campaign. Without content, SEO experts will not have anything to optimize for the search engines and users.

Adding Meta data is simply part of their efforts to enable robots like Facebook and Google to wrap digital heads around content complexities while indexing it. The link that every marketer earns points to a content piece. Users type keywords in the search engines in their attempts to find the right content. Every tweet, every email, every landing page, every review or product description that is optimized for the search engines is an example of SEO content. Ideally, SEO content can be described as any search engines optimized piece that communicates a particular message to a target audience.

What is SEO content marketing?

SEO content marketing can be defined as using SEO content in enabling a business or organization to meet its marketing goals. It is a business process and marketing that entails creation and distribution of relevant content with an aim of acquiring, attracting and engaging a clearly understood and defined target audience. The marketing goal of an organization can be retention of the existing customers, acquisition of new customers or enhancing brand or product awareness. Basically, the objective of SEO content marketing is to drive more profitable actions by the customers.

What is an SEO content marketing strategy?

An SEO content marketing strategy is a plan that analyzes various content marketing methods that will be employed across the journey of a buyer, the life cycle of a customer and varying customer touch points or experiences. However, it can be more than this. An SEO content marketing strategy can consider how to use content marketing in strategic ways for and/with other sales, customer or marketing strategies.

Questions that an SEO content marketing strategy must answer

An effective SEO content marketing strategy should answer the following questions:

  • What are the personas, preferences and needs of the buyers?
  • What organizational and marketing goals can we achieve or improve with this content marketing strategy?
  • Which KPIs and marketing metrics should we use in gauging success?
  • What stumbling blocks, organizational processes, management goals, competitor data, customer insights, teams, business stakeholders, marketing priorities and external partners should be known for the marketing strategy to be successful?
  • What are the recent trends in the industry?
  • What is the content marketing budget?

Why SEO content marketing strategy is important to any business or organization

SEO content marketing can be termed as an umbrella term and there are many reasons why you should use it. Basically, content plays a strategic role when it comes to marketing your organization or company. Creating quality content (articles, videos, infographics or blog posts) and marketing that content (through Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Facebook), provides a cost-effective, relevant way of connecting with your target audiences.

An effective content marketing strategy provides limitless opportunities. It enables you to create different types of content and distribute it in different ways. Similarly, the benefits of an effective SEO content marketing strategy are limitless.

Benefits of an effective SEO content marketing strategy

Any business can benefit from an effective SEO content marketing strategy in different ways. However, there are three major benefits of an effective marketing strategy for SEO content.

They are as follows:

  • Increased inbound traffic to a website
  • Enhanced brand awareness via engagement and industry reputation
  • Generation of natural popularity of links for SEO

How to create an effective SEO content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy can first focus on a strategic place for marketing content in an entire marketing process. However, it should also consider creation, planning, organizational and mapping dimensions among others. Thus, a content marketing strategy must consider various components to be successful.

Here are the major tasks to accomplish while creating an effective SEO content marketing strategy:

  • Make an inventory of your existing content and information pieces or resources that you can turn into content.
  • Analyze the content that you need so that you can achieve business goals like branding, attracting more customers and creating product/brand awareness.
  • Establish a content planning, scheduling and collaboration process.
  • Develop a narrative while considering the unique value or selling point and promise of your brand.
  • Automate specific processes that can be triggered with certain content and place the content at the right place.
  • Plan a content strategy for various channels including Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook among others.
  • Distribute content to ensure that it gets found by the right audiences.
  • Define content-specific metrics for your strategy and marketing ROI.
  • Create, source, aggregate, curate and optimize content. Ideally, use the most effective tactics.
  • Use different formats for the content depending on the target audiences.
  • Map content to questions, buying cycle and pain points.
  • Plan campaigns of your overall content marketing strategy by combining different content tactics.
  • Define content flows, governance, management, storage of data and ideas among others.
  • Train specific individuals who will be involved in various steps such as planning, execution as well as follow-up.
  • Close loop between marketing and sales.
  • Analyze markets, competitors, needs of prospects or customers and marketplace as well as your baseline.
  • Keep testing and optimizing to achieve better results.

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