SEO copywriters, CMOs, business owners and other users of Google+ with events scheduled after 12th September using Google+ will now have to move their events to YouTube Live.

According to an update on YouTube Help Site, it will no longer be possible for users to schedule Hangouts On Air events through Google+ accounts. From September 12, YouTube Live will be used to schedule all Hangouts On Air events. This includes events that are currently scheduled to take place after September 12.

The post provides instructions to guide users in setting up Hangouts on Air events using YouTube Live. This guide provides steps for creating quick events using Hangouts On Air via YouTube Live or a Custom event with an encoder.

A guide on how to create a quick event via YouTube Live

Here are the steps provided by the guide:

Further instructions for SEO copywriters and CMOs

The guide further provides instructions for scheduling events for scheduling live broadcasts and controlling viewership of the broadcast. This means that Chief Marketing Officers and SEO copywriters can now control who sees the broadcasts. The guide states that it is possible for the creators of the events to select any of the three provided options.

The options are:

Google has also confirmed that users will have access to the recorded YouTube events. Past content will also be available through Google+ in the read-only format within the Activity Log. Nevertheless, Google has stressed that all events scheduled for dates past September 12 on Hangouts On Air have to be held using YouTube Live.


There is a Q&A feature on Google slides that is usually part of the broadcasts by CMOs and SEO copywriters. However, YouTube Live does not have such a feature and other apps like Applause and Showcase. Nevertheless, the guide notes that users can use different social media platforms in gathering questions before their live events. This includes using event descriptions in sharing links with the audiences.

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