Who is an SEO copywriter? This is a question that you might ask if you’ve just come across the term SEO copywriting or SEO copywriters for the first time.
An SEO copywriter is a person who writes content for the web with an aim of positioning that content well in the organic search results. This copywriter creates content that “clicks” well with target readers. An SEO copywriter has micro-moment search objectives of the target audience in mind while writing content.

Other names for SEO copywriters

Some people use other names to refer to SEO copywriters.

These names include:

What does it mean to be an SEO copywriter?

Being an SEO copywriter means possessing certain skills, experiences and passion for writing SEO content. For instance, being an SEO writer means you at least know how to conduct keyword research for a particular niche.

It also means that you can use the selected keywords to create copies that will rank higher in the organic search results. Most importantly, you must know and adhere to the best SEO copywriting practices.

Other skills that you must possess as an SEO copywriter include:

What are the roles of SEO copywriters?

Duties of an SEO copywriter vary depending on the company or organization. However, many SEO writers are responsible for content production.

This includes:

What makes an SEO copywriter different?

An SEO writer at the minimum understands how key phrases or keywords should be added to the content intelligently. Some SEO content writers learn this skill by enrolling for online SEO writing courses. Others are guided by experienced writers on a one-on-one basis. Some writers learn through blogs and online guides.

Regardless of the approach a person takes, training is extremely important for a writer to outperform competitors. It is also important to note that SEO copywriting is a very dynamic field. Changes are always happening and the best SEO copywriting method today will not be equally effective tomorrow. An SEO copywriter therefore should always be conducting research to remain at the top of the competition.

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