In the contemporary information-saturated world, no entity can survive without SEO copywriting. More and more people are using search engines to find information online. Therefore, to communicate effectively and efficiently, you must create content that is easy to find using the search engines. This is SEO copywriting for NGOs is so important to modern NGOs.

Our planet is facing overwhelming challenges such as race-, ethnic- and gender-based violence, healthcare issues, climate change, hunger, and energy issues. In most cases, we depend on governments to provide solutions and leadership when faced with these challenges. However, the required resources to create an impact are more than what a single institution can provide. Nonprofit organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) often step in to help where governments don’t. They do so through advocacy on behalf of constituencies or on an issue that calls for government support or action. NGOs also step in by providing services to the needy directly.

Why SEO copywriting for NGOs matters

NGOs rely on funding from foundations, governments and individuals so that they can execute their plans or missions. But are they effective when it comes to connecting with target audiences, funding their operations and eliciting interest? Having an online presence alone is not enough. It is important that NGOs create compelling stories that resonate with their target audiences. Their audiences may include government officials, funders and services’ recipients. NGOs tell their stories via content which is in form of images and words. This content is presented across different communication channels and in particular, their websites.

Using SEO copywriting for NGOs to connect with audiences

Modern NGOs will communicate with audiences more effectively if they implement effective SEO copywriting strategies on their websites.

These strategies are as follows:

Defining the audiences

Every NGO has a mission statement that defines who it serves. However, it’s crucial to remember that some people are touched by an organization although they are not part of the target audiences. For instance, an NGO might be providing food to the needy. However, it has to potentially appeal to the national government and the locals for support and funds, institutional and individual donors, the media and partner organizations among other audiences. Ideally, taking time come up with a list of the targets of content will benefit an NGO in numerous ways. For instance, it will reveal the right SEO keywords and phrases to use, inform content needs and guide the strategy framework.

It is understandable that the resources of most NGOs for content creation and website development are limited. Nevertheless, defining the audiences can have a significant influence in various aspects of the public relations of an NGO and in guiding it to make a wise investment. Defining the audiences can be done by an NGO internally or with the help of an SEO consultant such as Bishop Writers. Nevertheless, this step should be taken seriously to ensure that an NGO utilizes the resources for website development and content creation wisely.

Developing Simple but effective content strategies

If you run an NGO and you just realized that you do not have a content strategy or you lack a better content strategy, you need to work with a professional SEO copywriting firm. Ideally, look for a reputable company that offers SEO copywriting for NGOs such as Bishop Writers. A good SEO copywriting company will work with you to develop a content strategy on the basis of the statistics of your website. This includes the content that your NGO needs, who creates it, where you publish it and when you publish it.

The communications officer or staff in conjunction with the branding or marketing team should be your website’s gateway. Allow them the freedom to create and edit content of your website or blog before publication. This will ensure that the website of your NGO retains a consistent message and voice that resonates with the target audiences or site visitors.

Monitoring results and tweaking strategies if necessary

Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, you can get statistics about the website of your NGO. For instance, the main pages of the site such as the ‘Donate’ page might be having high bounce rates or few hits. In that case, make minor incremental changes then test results.

Here are questions to ask when trying to improve a page on your website:

For an NGO to leverage the power of the internet and to make the greatest impact possible, it must connect with its target audiences. The message should be packaged and published in a way that makes it easily accessible and discernible by the audiences. Effective SEO copywriting for NGOs can help any NGO in telling its story and enlisting the necessary support from the target audiences.

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