Semantic search technology focuses on improving search accuracy through the comprehension of the intention of the searcher and contextual meaning of the terms that feature in the searchable data space. This data space can be in closed systems or the web and the aim of this technology is to generate more accurate and relevant results.

Implications of Semantic Search Technology

To SEO copywriters, semantics look at the relationships of keywords in the content and context where they are used. Thus, instead of employing algorithms to examine relevancy, Google uses semantics. In simple terms, the search engine uses comprehension of the language to produce more relevant results. That means SEO copywriters must be familiar with the language that they use to produce content including its idioms, slang, words, and colloquialisms.

Using Semantic Search Technology to Improve SEO

Semantics can improve SEO copywriting when understood properly. That’s because users have become more specific. They know how to select the right words when performing online searches. With that in mind, copywriters should use keyword phrases instead of single keywords. Generally, three to five word phrases are recommended.

For instance, many internet users type their search queries in form of questions. That means pages that target phrases that are likely to be in such questions will most likely rank better in the search results. You don’t have to use a complete sentence as your target. Simply focus on long-tail keywords that will most likely feature in search questions.

Additionally, semantic search technology is more of longer snippets. When a query has one or two keywords, Google provides short snippets with one to two lines per result. Compared to three or more keywords, the results are longer snippets of two to three lines for each result. This provides a better view of the use of keywords in a website.


Without human research for all search queries, there will always be errors. Semantic search technology benefits both users and SEO copywriters. Undoubtedly, search technology will be refined with time to improve efficiency and accuracy in searches. Nevertheless, this technology does not replace SEO copywriting and keyword analysis. You still need services of experienced search engine optimization copywriters to create quality content for your website.

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