“What is SEO copywriting?” This is a question that you might ask if this is the first time you came across this phrase. Maybe you have heard that people hire Bishop Writers SEO copywriting services and wondered whether this is really necessary or important for a business. Basically, SEO copywriting is a form of specialized online writing that serves various purposes which makes it important.

It is characterized by the following:

In simple terms, SEO copywriting is high quality, specialized form of online writing. Keywords or key phrases should not make content sound repetitive, hard-to-read or even lose conversion focus.

How SEO copywriting differs from traditional copywriting

The use of keywords or key-phrases is the main difference between SEO copywriting and traditional copywriting. For instance, “Bishop Writers SEO Copywriting services” is a key-phrase or keyword. When you type this key-phrase or keyword on Google search box, you will find pages with information about our SEO copywriting services. However, SEO copywriting is more than simple use of key-phrases or keywords in a blog post or website content. Google and other major search engines want authoritative content. They want content that answers the questions that internet users look for. It is only by creating such content that your website or blog will stand out from the rest. In the past, some people ranked their sites and blogs higher in the search results by simply shoving a bunch of keywords and key-phrases into their content. This practice was called keyword stuffing. However, it is no longer effective and it can even lead to blacklisting of your site or blog by the search engines.

Two major roles of SEO copywriting

Google is now smarter than ever. For your content to be positioned at the top of the search results by Google, it must be of superior quality. This means that your website or blog content must serve two major roles. First, it must satisfy readers or visitors of your site or blog. This means that it must be a resource for readers, relevant and enjoyable to read. Quality content must entertain, enlighten and educate readers. Secondly, the content should be written in a way that enables Google to understand what a web page or a blog is all about. When you come up with content that serves these two roles, your website or blog will compete effectively with others when it comes to ranking by the search engines. Bishop SEO copywriting services will make this seamlessly possible.

What we do to make your content rank higher in the search results

How Google positions or ranks web pages and blogs is influenced by many factors. When you look at the SEO periodic table, you notice that most left-hand side elements focus on content’s quality. The research, the freshness and the words of the content are very important for the SEO success of your website, blog or business.

Perhaps, you are worried because:

Well, worry no more because Bishop SEO copywriting services present a great chance for you. Just like the renowned blogger and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, said, we believe that great content is the best SEO. We create properly optimized content that grabs the attention of readers, answers their most troubling questions while driving incoming links to your website or blog. This way, we enable your site, blog or business to start featuring at the most envious positions in the search engines results pages. This is the coolest thing for any modern business.

To learn more about the importance of SEO copywriting or to hire Bishop Writers SEO copywriting services, contact us via bishopwriters@gmail.com. We will be glad to help you reap the full benefits of SEO copywriting.