A renowned local SEO copywriting services provider, Bishop Writers, delves into the idea of utilizing hot trends in the popular culture and news such as Pokémon Go in driving search engine results page (SERPs) positioning and enhancing presence in the local online ecosystem.

Pokémon Go is currently a hit and a reality augmented mobile game. This game has increased actual, foot traffic to some businesses substantially. Players of this game flock into certain areas known as PokéStops where they collect the free items that are used in this game.

A business that is within a PokéStop’s range, which currently is out of the control of businesses, has a greater opportunity for capturing additional customers that it would otherwise not capture.

Brands use Pokémon Go and SEO copywriting services to grow business

Larger brands are quick to jump on the popular culture as a way of increasing brand awareness, business and engaging with immediate communities. They also use SEO copywriting services to create content that tells prospects more about pop culture such as Pokémon Go. Using professional SEO copywriting, these brands attract more prospects into their online and physical outlets.

Zoe’s Kitchen is an example of businesses that are using the craze of Pokémon Go. This company is keeping the conversation online but increasing foot traffic at the same time. This is an example of how a brand can engage the whole community while growing business.

Local business invited to join in the fun

The ability to capitalize on the trends of the popular culture and news is not limited to larger businesses only. Even local businesses can benefit from it as well. If you run a local business, it is wise to find out how other local businesses are tapping into the popular culture and news to further engagements with prospects. Some businesses are already using these activities to elevate their positioning in the local listings.


Efforts that are aimed at increasing the presence of your business in the local search will differ significantly depending on your niche. This will also affect how your business connects with pop culture. However, techniques that can be used to influence the local algorithm that Google uses are similar.

It is not easy to think creatively. However, if you find a way of capitalizing on the recent trends and events, you will realize that consumers will engage with your brand more. A natural progression will take place and this will help in elevating your local ranks such as inbound links.

In most industries, the market is flooded because competition is mainly at the local level. Connecting to the popular culture and news might be the major differentiation factor between your brand and competitors. This approach enables you to engage with the community more.

Using SEO copywriting services and the available tools, you can brainstorm potential ways of connecting to the popular culture and advancing the positioning of your brand in the local search results.

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