SEO Copywriting Services News: CMOs and SEO-Boardroom Metrics and Communication that Matters

Securing Search engine optimization investments or even having SEO copywriting services’ cost included in the marketing budget of a company is becoming a tougher challenge for digital marketing departments. This is particularly the case when Chief Marketing Officers don’t understand this channel’s value fully.

However, SEO is currently a digital or internet marketing activity that 95% of marketers are using. Estimates show that more than $65 billion will be spent by companies on SEO in the year 2016.

Nevertheless, despite this increase in the use of SEO and the growth of digital marketing investments, measuring the ROI of Search engine optimization efforts presents considerable challenges to marketers.

To maximize SEO impact, digital marketing departments need to communicate value of SEO efforts while showing CMOs how they are performing in terms of SEO. Only by doing this will they secure funding, resources and attention that is required to reach marketing maturity as well as revenue-based success.

What the Board and CMOs want to Know

SEO experts or digital marketing departments should consider their target audience to communicate effectively. CMOs are not interested in slides that are full of information about the latest algorithm updates by Google. Their interest is not on steps that the departments or SEO copywriters are taking to avoid penalties due to content duplication. They are interested in the actions that SEO experts and SEO copywriting services providers are taking and how they impact the bottom line of the company.

Ideally, numbers are the drivers of CMOs. They are interested in seeing the positive impact of SEO on the growth of their brand and revenue.

They need answers to the following questions:

  • How have we been performing in terms of revenue and conversions over the years?
  • What market share do we have?
  • How is our performance compared to our competitors?
  • Where do we stand in terms of the current as well as projected ROI?
  • What channels are bringing us paying customers?

An appropriate presentation and dashboard will answer questions that CMOs and the board pose and engage them while enabling them to understand the role and value of SEO in the growth of the company.

SEO experts and providers of SEO copywriting services should learn to translate internally tracked data including traffic to various pages, conversions and engagement rates into information that’s important to the C-suite leaders and the board.

It is important that SEO experts and copywriters present appropriate metrics to CMOs right away using their language and terminology. This is the only way that they will engage these leaders, show them the importance of investing in SEO continuously and thereby get funding for SEO projects.

Communicating with Business Leaders and the Board

To communicate with your business leaders and the board, you need to do the following:

    1. Understand what brand leaders are looking for: Your studies and presentations ought to reflect your comprehension that the CMOs interest is not on the daily SEO changes and tasks. CMOs are driven by actual numbers, particularly numbers that show the performance of a brand and the direct impact of SEO on that outcome. Business leaders want to see the impact of different digital marketing channels on the success of an organization and its online reputation as well as ROI for various marketing efforts. Therefore, present clear numbers to them showing the growth of the brand in the industry including voice share and market share.

    2. Understand the available digital marketing channels: CMOs are interested in understanding the whole story of the progress of their brand. SEO experts and SEO copywriting services providers should therefore come up with engaging stories about the success and growth of brands. This calls for intimate understanding of every digital marketing channel. As an SEO expert or SEO copywriter, you should be ready to answer questions on how brand’s performance has grown and changed over time. Doing this includes articulating the impact of different elements on each other as well as where you have achieved the biggest success. Be prepared to respond to all questions that might be asked by the board during presentation.

    3. Show how you can turn insights into action items: Brand leaders are not just interested in seeing ROI for various marketing efforts. They are also interested in learning the steps that you want to take moving forward to ensure continued growth. It’s therefore important that you demonstrate to the board that your efforts have created a way for the new actions that justify additional expenditure. The projections that you present should enable the CMOs to understand how the resources will be used to further the growth of the brand.

    4. Position the brand against competitors: The board and CMOs are interested in learning how the brand progresses in response to efforts optimization.

They also want to see how their brand’s performance and that of competitors compares. If competitors are in the process of optimizing their website at the same time with you and making process, the impact of this should be visible. It should be clear in rankings and voice share. It is important that you analyze competition from different angles including backlink profile, rankings, market share and voice share. This is the only way you will have a firm comprehension of the progress and comparison of your performance with that of competitors.

It’s clear that the growth of the SEO industry continues exponentially. However, among the most pressing challenges in the industry is measuring SEO efforts’ ROI. Nevertheless, the C-Suite, who are the decision makers when it comes to resource allotment and budgeting need actual numbers that justify expenditures on SEO.

Understanding metrics and priorities that the board and CMOs consider important will enable you to communicate with these leaders more effectively. This will enable you to ensure forward movement of your company. Following these steps will not only enable you to come up with a more effective presentation, but also monitor progress and become more efficient and effective as an SEO expert or SEO copywriting services provider.

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