Twitter has turned stickers into adverts for brands without disclosing its criteria for charges. The move marks the latest attempt by Twitter and an example of the trend for injecting brands not just into the content feeds for the users but also in the actual content. This is definitely something that should capture the attention of SEO copywriting services providers.

Social advertising and SEO copywriting services

Social advertising is at the core of SEO copywriting. Social advertising was initially about insertion of brands into the content feeds of users. This has been the case for a long time. However, it has also turned into insertion of brands into actual content in the feeds. Sample cases include the mid-roll ads by Facebook Live, Sponsored Lenses by Snapchat and now the Promoted Stickers by Twitter.

Twitter is currently rolling out a means for users to slap ads right on photos that they post on the social network. The ads are a branded version of Stickers introduced in June by Twitter enabling users to include emoji-like illustrations in their photos. This is similar to Snapchat and Facebook for those who know where the feature is located. For non-ad stickers, it is possible to click on branded stickers to view the photos included by other people.

Already in use

SEO copywriting services providers and brands are already using Promoted Stickers. Pepsi is among the first brands that are running the ads. The company is already posting branded stickers on Twitter. Currently, it has not more than 50 branded stickers on the Stickers library of this social network. The stickers are targeted at people in Canada, Argentina, India, Egypt, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the U.S, UAE and Russia.

However, only brands with Twitter sales representatives can buy the Promoted Stickers currently. The social network however is allowing brands to create 4 or 8 stickers that will be displayed in the Stickers library.

Charges not disclosed

Twitter is yet to disclose questions on how it will charge brands for these campaigns. This is unusual since it’s a crucial consideration for brands and providers of SEO copywriting services. If brands will pay only when people add stickers to photos, that may be a more cost-effective way for brands to advertise on the social network. This is because brands will get more impressions from the followers of a person and even more if the followers re-tweet the already branded photos. However, the deal won’t be good if brands will pay on the basis of the number of people who see their branded photos.


According to Twitter’s Spokesperson, Brands will have a maximum of 8 Promoted Stickers every day within a specific market. However, brands won’t have the ability to avail them to specific audiences within the market.

We can assume that brands will be charged when people applies the stickers to photos only and not for the total number of users who see the photos. The appeal of the ads might therefore be the idea behind turning the Twitter audience into their unpaid spokespeople. This idea is also the same as giving out free stickers that have the logo of a brand in real life so that people can put them on their cars or laptop lids. For Twitter, this appeal is an enhanced sales pitch, going by the assumption that the stickers will actually be used by people and that the pricing structure suits brands. This will turn people into brand megaphones that amplify the reach of advertisers while potentially carrying increased clout than the normal ads from brands directly.

This is not the first attempt by Twitter to get people inject brands in tweets. After the unveiling of the Sponsored Filters by Snapchat, Twitter introduced sponsored emojis that brands paid for. This year, Twitter introduced the conversational ad format for advertisers. This format prompted users to tweet branded messages that had complete branded hastags and a video or photo to followers on behalf of the brands. The latest development is certainly one of the things that brands and SEO copywriting services providers should monitor closely.

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