For your business to succeed in the contemporary digital age, it must have a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Effective SEO copywriting must be incorporated in your digital marketing strategy. This is why you should stay up-to-date with SEO copywriting trends 2016 options. If you use outdated copywriting techniques, you will not only fail to achieve your online marketing goals, but you will also turn off your website visitors.

Here are the top SEO copywriting trends 2016 options as analyzed by our SEO copywriters:

Minimalism-The Most Popular of SEO Copywriting Trends 2016

Copy minimalism is still hot in online marketing. This can be attributed to the increased use of Smartphone and other handheld devices in accessing the web. The attention spans that you get from customers are shorter now than ever. Therefore, do your business a favor and embrace a simple, clear copy that goes straight to the point.

Merging content with the social media

Over the past years, online marketers thought about social media and content as two different digital marketing approaches. However, integration of content marketing and social media copies is now one of the most popular SEO copywriting trends 2016 options. It is worth noting however that this does not imply that content marketing and social media are identical. Contemporary SEO copywriters are integrating both to strengthen the effectiveness of their online marketing strategies. This implies that your online marketing team should be on a similar page to reinforce the branding of your company on different platform.

Unique content is dominating online marketing

It is sad that some SEO copywriters have become lazy. They are regurgitating stale copies or content that is available almost anywhere on the internet. Although this may have worked in the past, Google is now stricter than ever. Copied or plagiarized content is being penalized by the search engine. Additionally, readers are looking for original, unique content. This means that posting content that you find elsewhere on your website or blog will definitely not work for your business.

Use of pictures

When possible, include pictures in your content. Use of infographics is among the major SEO copywriting trends 2016 options. Apparently, infographics are growing in the content development world at a very fast rate. In 2013 for instance, the use of infographics in SEO copywriting or digital marketing stood at 51%. In 2014, their use rose to 62%. It is clear that this trend is increasingly becoming popular and effective and you cannot ignore it when it comes to your online marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing

Businesses have traditionally used outbound marketing to draw clients and customers in. Unfortunately, many prospects have been burdened by the promotional media and marketing messages. They are now turning out these marketing messages altogether. So, how do you overcome this challenge?

The most effective approach to this challenge of the adoption of automatic filters is to think smarter rather than harder. Rather than spending a lot of money on traditional marketing, businesses are now targeting messages to more specific audiences. They are delivering their promotional messages on the platforms where their target audiences have interests. Email newsletters, blogs, white papers and social sharing are now taking more marketing burdens.

Basically, all these SEO copywriting trends 2016 options require content writers to have rudimentary understanding and SEO copywriting skills.

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