Every social media content creation step should be aimed at composing posts that the target audience will love. Bloggers, website owners, and entrepreneurs know the importance of social media shares, likes and tweets. When content goes viral on the social media, it becomes visible to a wider audience and this enhances the chances of reaping the full benefits of establishing an online presence. But, low quality content can’t go viral and it makes promoting a brand via the social media quite challenging.

Perhaps, you might pose and ask; how do you know whether social media users love your content? Some of the indicators that people love what you post are likes, tweets, and shares. But, the question is; how do you create social media content that gets more tweets, shares, and likes? Basically, you can’t depend on your instinct alone. You need a social media content strategy. That means you have to do your due diligence and plan in advance. Here are tips to help you create content that will be liked, tweeted, and shared by a wider audience.

Start your social media content creation process with audience analysis

Understand the needs of your audience before you create content that targets them. This enables you to know who you are writing the content for. Ideally, understand the psychology of your audience. For instance, what compels the audience to share your social media content?

Among the factors that generally compel people to share social media content include:

Understanding what compels the audience to share or like your content will enable you to come up with posts that will influence them to take this action.

Set attainable goals

Attainable goals and measurable success are critical in every marketing plan. Getting more shares, tweets, and likes are goals of every entrepreneur, website owner, and blogger. However, these goals should be attainable and reasonable. Rather than work to achieve all of them at once, set specific goals for every project.

For instance:

When X is reasonable, the goals become more specific and success possible to measure accurately.

Provide useful content

Many social media users love getting tips, tricks, and insights. They want to know how to solve their problems. For instance, you could be are reading this post because you need a solution to the problem of creating posts that don’t get shares and likes. Therefore, create social media content that the target audience will find useful. For instance, if you specialize in selling clothes, write posts that provide tips for fitting trendy outfits in a harmonious way.

Make your content easy to share

The results of effective social media content creation are great pieces that are easy to like, share, tweet, and do it. Basically, the audience should not struggle to share your content. Therefore, make social sharing links or buttons easily visible to the audience. In most cases, the buttons work best when placed underneath or at the top of content page. Additionally, include brilliant Meta data for the content. When your content is shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks, a Meta description provides its preview.

Get professional writing help

When you have a business to run or a website to maintain, you may not get time to analyze the target audience, their problems, and solutions or content that brings more likes, shares, and tweets. However, this should not be a reason to neglect this important aspect of digital marketing. You simply need to hire a professional writing service that is offered by professionally trained, talented, and experienced writers. A company like Bishop Writers delivers custom-written social media content based on the instructions, requirements, or needs of the clients.

Make your content visually appealing

Aesthetics matter when it comes to social media content. Therefore, organize your content in a manner that provides a clear path for the eyes. Ideally, make the content easy to scan. For instance, use sub-headers to break up the text. Use a font that is easy to read. Intrigue and fascinate the audience with bullet points. All these tricks will enable your content to engage readers longer.

These tips make social media content creation seem easier. However, you may still be unable to create contagious or sharable content for your social media platforms for varied reasons. In that case, talk to Bishop Writers.

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