Many people want to venture into the legal medical cannabis business but they don’t know how to go about it. Over the past years, many platforms have emerged aiming to make this possible. JuicyFields io is one such platform. It’s a legal crowdgrowing platform that connects cannabis growers, buyers, sellers, enthusiasts, and activists across the world.

According to this project’s website, the main goal of this crowdgrowing platform is to help individuals and businesses become potpreneurs and reap the benefits of the legal medical cannabis industry.

How Project JuicyFields Funds Cannabis Businesses or Potpreneurs

Starting a marijuana business requires a significant amount of time and capital. In most places, cannabis businesses pay extreme taxes and higher licensing fees. And, obtaining funding has always been a challenge for most potpreneurs. What’s more, the legal landscape in which cannabis businesses operate is mostly murky. Nevertheless, the cannabis industry has always been a major opportunity for most entrepreneurs.

The global demand for marijuana has been increasing every year. According to a 2019 Bloomberg Press Release, the cannabis market is estimated to be worth $150 billion. And, the booming global market for medicinal cannabis keeps driving this exponential growth.

According to JuicyFields’s website, the platform wants to provide an opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to earn money. It’s aimed at helping cannabis startups and small businesses improve and expand. The goal of this project is to create an interconnected market of businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, supporters, and enthusiasts.

Using this platform, startups can raise the funds required to further developments, regardless of their location in the world. Eventually, JuicyFields participants can earn profit from selling the crop.

How to Participate in Project JuicyFields

The minimum amount that anybody needs to start a contract and receive their initial share from the sale of cannabis after 3 months is€50. To get started, a participant needs to create a grower’s account by filling out relevant details at JuicyFields io. A participant is also required to select a long-term, ongoing contract or a short-term (flash) contract.

Participants can also check the demo plant to find out how the platform works. What’s more, they can examine the major differences between different strains of medical cannabis that they can grow. Participants can also select the strain to grow and the number of plants to have.

Every participant has different varieties to choose from with yields varying from small and medium to high and ultra yields. A participant can get their first return on their funding within 95 days after buying a plant. However, this duration can vary depending on the chosen cannabis strain.

How Much Can a Participant Make from Project JuicyFields?

Legal cultivation of cannabis requires a business or individual to obtain a license, raise capital, get a suitable land, hire and train employees, as well as, get the necessary services. These processes and tasks can lower the profitability of a cannabis business.

Project JuicyFields is purportedly one of the platforms that want to make accessing medical cannabis easier for everyone across the world. It also wants to help entrepreneurs venture into the legal medical cannabis business with ease. Currently, the cannabis industry is among the fastest-growing sectors globally. However, only the wealthy have always thrived in this industry.

The goal of platforms like JuicyFields is to change this by helping startups grow medical cannabis legally without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and applying for expensive licenses.

According to this platform, the profitability of participating in project JuicyFields varies depending on the chosen variety. When opening a personal grower’s account, a participant can learn about the varieties they can grow and the profitability of each.

For instance, the information on the project’s website says that a participant can earn profit ranging from €4500 to €4800 within 3 years from growing JuicyMist can. Growing JuicyKush can allegedly earn a participant a total profit of between €8,000 and €9,000 within 4 years.

JuicyFields claims to have a special strain called JuicyHaze that generates maximum yields. With this strain, a participant can purportedly make a total profit of between €10,000 and €12,000 within 5 years.

Parting Shot

Project JuicyFields is an interesting platform for entrepreneurs and investors that want to fund medical cannabis business opportunities. This crowdgrowing platform aims to enable businesses and individuals to venture into the cannabis industry that has always been strictly regulated but highly profitable. It claims to do this by providing the capital and support required to start and expand a cannabis business.

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