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How Professional Copywriters and Readers Utilize Emotional Intelligence

It’s no secret that modern businesses and companies need professional copywriters to excel in the digital marketing landscape. One reason for this is to utilize emotional intelligence to influence content readers in their favor. But, what exactly is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to regulate emotions with […]

SEO Copywriting for Amazon- How to Write Product Descriptions for Amazon

SEO copywriting for Amazon is a must if you are selling on Amazon. This is the only way to beat the brutal competition on this website. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend all your time creating descriptions for your Amazon products. You just need to hire experienced, professional SEO copywriters […]

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting Services with ROI that Exceeds their Cost

When hiring search engine optimization copywriting services, your business makes an investment. It is therefore natural to want to reap the highest returns possible from that investment. At Bishop Writers, we have a team of highly experienced SEO copywriters that wants nothing but the best returns from your investment in […]

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Instagram Brings a Ringer into its Rivalry with Snapchat by Using Facebook Data and Algorithm to Sort New Stories Feed

Instagram’s algorithm will now decide how stories will be ordered by referencing the content that users engage with most on Instagram and Facebook. This move is aimed at giving new stories to the users instead of fighting its chance against Snapchat. Instagram has now turned to the use of data-powered […]