Twitter has announced that it will soon roll out its Storytelling product called Moments. This announcement comes just days after the introduction of the Stories product that is identical to the Snapchat’s Stories product by Instagram. This will be a less-identical version of the Live Stories product for everyone. Clearly, this is among the best SEO copywriting service 2016 news.

Create Moments that String tweets

According to this announcement, any Twitter user will have the ability to create Moments that string tweets into a relatively long narrative. This will happen “in the coming months,” the announcement on the official Twitter blog read. But Twitter will first open this product to more partners, brands and influencers. These are people that Twitter has and wish to establish business relationships with.

Since last year’s debut moments, the in-house team at Twitter, publishers, advertisers and SEO copywriting service 2016 groups managed to create Moments. Typically, these Moments were tied to the ongoing events, specific topics and news. The tweets streams with a Storify style approach have featured photos, text posts and videos that catalog the subjects in chronological feeds. People can subscribe to Moments so that they can receive updates on the main feed of Twitter as they appear.

Initially, the Moments version always looked like the take of Twitter on the Live Stories by Snapchat that curate snaps by people around major live events. Moments’ availability will generally and hopefully keep this comparison while blending it with tweet-storm rather that recast this product as the take of Twitter on Stories.

To SEO copywriting service 2016 providers, this enables them to find out what’s trending and come up with posts that capture the attention of the audiences. It seems easier to compare the roll-out of Moments by Twitter to Instagram’s and Snapchat’s Stories for the public. Like on Instagram and Snapchat, people can use Moments to maintain a running diary for each day.

However, SEO copywriters at Bishop Writers hope that Moments from Twitter will be different. This is because most tweets are basically links and texts rather than videos and photos that people use on Instagram and Snapchat.

With Stories, it’s impossible to curate Stories to the center of every subject as easy as it seems they can with Moments. It is possible to decide to post videos and photos only on a specific topic then delete the ones that you have already published but realized that they are not fit. However, it’s weird once that narrative comes to an end and a story switches immediately to that user playing with selfie lens.

In the meantime, Moments may exist as independent entities. It’s possible for them to encapsulate one subject and pull different tweets together to explore that subject. Such tweets can come from any user. That way, Moments will be more like the Live Stories instead of Stories while remaining open to everyone. This is not the case for Instagram or Snapchat. Top SEO copywriting service 2016 providers hope that this openness is what will differentiate Moments from how people will document their days.

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