Having a fancy website and getting at the top of Google rankings are not enough. Local reviews and rankings can make all the difference between your business and its competitors. Using Google My Business, which was until recently Google Places, can maximize SEO for your business. This will ensure that you do not miss out on local business opportunities.

Boost sales with Google My Business

According to Google, one in five searches is local. Among the most effective ways of boosting your business sales is ensuring that your business is visible to those working or living near it. An essential tool that will enable you to achieve this is tool. This listing is easy to use, free but a must for business that want to promote themselves, their products or services in their local markets.

Google My Business is an innovative tool from Google that organizes results for local searches on the basis of specific locations. As a business owner, you submit your business profile to this tool. When potential customers search for something like, a plumber in their location, Google lists local businesses. If your business is registered in Google My Business, it will appear prominently in this list. To register, a business must have a Google account. However, a listing is created within days after submitting a profile and having it verified. Ideally, this tool places information about your business on maps, searches and Google+ to enable customers to find your business regardless of the devices they use.

Use the right SEO keywords

The key to benefiting from this tool is using the right keywords in describing your business. Just like with a normal website, listing by Google My Business is subject to the spiders of Google’s search engine. Therefore, it is crucial that you create an SEO friendly, relevant profile for your business or company using the right tags and keywords.

This is where professional SEO copywriting comes in. Basically, successful use of this tool is about determining how customers search for your business. For instance, if you are a New York Jewellery retailer, it would be wise to include keywords like boutique or designer in your file. This will make your business profile specific. Although no rules govern this, you have to think about search habits of potential customers. What terms would they use to find your business?

Push up your business Google ranking

You can boost the Google ranking of your business after submitting its Google profile. However, your rankings in the local listings are largely dependent on two major factors. One, how close your business is to the specific area included in the search. And two, how close your business is to the area where a prospect performs a Google search from. Crucially, the interaction of users with your business profile will help in making its listing more prominent. Ideally, you should focus on getting more customers and prospects click on your links. This is because clicking on your links means relevance to Google and it influences how results are organized. In simple terms, you should improve the position of your business website on the search engine results page (SERP).

Customer Reviews

The visibility of your website or business is also affected by customer reviews. If your business has more positive reviews, it will most likely feature prominently in the search results. Therefore, it helps to encourage customers to write comments about your products or services. You can also register in the local directories such as Yahoo Local, Scoot and Yelp. This is because Google considers mentions in other reliable sites and details in assessing the relevance and quality of your business in the searches.

Additionally, updating business profile is also very important. This ensures that information about your business remains relevant. Trends and tastes keep changing. Therefore, make sure that your keywords are always relevant and accurate. The most effective way of doing this is hiring the best SEO copywriting service. This way, you will not have difficulties in creating content for your Google My Business profile or website.

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