Useful Blogging Writing Tips- How to Start Blogging

Blogging writing is a job that requires skills and experience. You don’t just wake one day and start writing for blogs. To become a blogger, you need to learn things like what is a blog, what is blogging, and why blogging is important. You also need to know what blogging writing entails. This knowledge will enable you to excel in blogging as a career.

Bishop Writers is a team of experienced blog writers. We’re experts in blogging. Writing blog posts is one of our specialties. That means you will get quality content for your blog whenever you enlist our services. In this post, we tell you what blog writing is all about while sharing tips on how to write blog posts.

What is Blogging Writing?

Blog writing is the practice of writing content for a blog. A blog is a website version that organizes the published content into different categories. The content that appears in a blog is presented chronologically. The latest blog posts appear at the top.

Just like an ordinary website, a blog has pages. These pages feature static information. They include the “About” page and “Contact Us” page. This can make the boundary between a website and a blog murky. Nevertheless, a blog can be described as a form of a website. And, not every website has a blog.

Perhaps, you’re now wondering what blogging writing is all about. Well, people blog for varied reasons. But, most people write blog posts for self-promotion and marketing purposes.

Here are some of the reasons why people write for blogs:

  • Hobby- Blogging is a hobby for some people. These people write about the topics they are passionate about. For instance, an individual can have a personal blog where they publish content for purposes of enjoyment.
  • Making money- Some blogs provide information on specific topics. However, they are monetized to make money through affiliate marketing.
  • For Business- Many businesses have blogs where they market their products. They cover content that potential customers might be interested in. This drives content to their eCommerce stores or sales pages.

How to Write a Blog in English

The next question you’re likely to ask is how do I start blogging writing? Well, it’s easy. You need to have a platform or a blog where you can publish the content after writing. Once you have a platform, follow our tips on how to write a blog in English.

Here are the steps to follow when you start blogging:  

  1. Choose a name for your blog- Make sure that your blog name is as descriptive as possible.
  2. Get the blog online- Register the blog and then get hosting.
  3. Personalize the blog- Select a blog template and then tweak it.
  4. Write content and publish it- Once your blog goes live, create, and publish content on it. This is the fun part of blogging for most bloggers.
  5. Promote the blog- Share the content on your blog on different channels to bring more traffic.

Once you have a blog on which you continuously post content, you can monetize it. This will enable you to earn money from your blog writing efforts. They include creating and selling online courses, becoming a freelance blogger, writing and selling eBooks, private labels, and affiliate marketing.

How to Write a Blog about Yourself

Perhaps, the first post that you want to appear on your blog is about yourself. Well, that’s a good idea, especially when blogging as a hobby. It is one of the best blog writing topics because you already know what to write about. But, it’s not as easy as one might think at first. Here are useful tips on how to write a blog about yourself to guide you.

  • Tell readers who you’re- The audience wants to see you as a person. They want to see the individual behinds the blog post. Therefore, use words that show readers who you are.
  • Include all the basics- Since the blog is about you, share all the basic information that your readers want to know. This includes your background information, your name, what you do, and how the audience can contact you.
  • Sell yourself- Nobody will market you unless you do it first. Therefore, sell yourself to the audience by sharing your best personal attributes and achievements. You can even showcase your work. For instance, you can share your blog examples if you want to be hired as a freelance writer.
  • Talk to the audience- Maintain a first-person or conversational tone. This will enhance your engagement with the audience. Make the audience feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation with you.
  • Involve the audience- Involve your audience by writing on blog topics they can relate with. Also, include a call to action, especially at the end of the blog post.

In addition to these tips for writing a blog about you, check our blog writing examples to come up with more innovative content. Reading good blog post examples will also familiarize you with the blog writing format.

Hire the Best Blog Writers Online

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