Website Content Writing Tips to Beat Google Caffeine

With the new search engine architecture by Google called Caffeine, you need website content writing tips for your site to rank better. Anybody in the content writing industry knows what Caffeine is. With Caffeine around, you must add innovative and helpful articles to your site consistently to maintain higher website rankings. Google is definitely inclined towards relevant and better content. Thus, if you post quality content on your website, it gets more visitors from organic searches. Social content optimization is also important.

How to write website content that appeals to Google Caffeine

The aim of Google and other search engines is to give users the latest and best information. This means that any update on website content appears in the most relevant searches. Therefore, to appear in search results, your website, blog and social media pages should be updated on regular basis. It would be better if you go an extra mile and post a YouTube video on your site or bookmark the most relevant sites.

Effective website content writing tips

To ensure that you have content that ranks your site or blog higher in the search results, try these tips:

  • Publish quality press releases: Press releases get thorough indexing by Google. This was the case even before caffeine appeared. So, writing newsworthy press release is one of the most effective ways of ranking your site better in the organic search results pages. Google requires you to provide as detailed information as possible in the press releases.
  • Social updates: In addition to posts on popular social websites, Google values and indexes updates on other websites like slashdots, squidoo and propeller pages. Therefore, publish content on these sites to remain at the top of the search engine results pages.
  • Tweet more: There have been changes in how Google ranks websites in the search results. Google has been featuring real-time results. This was a unique feature for Google. It noted the beginning of caffeine. Tweet more relevant and informative content for the targets to see them and you will enhance your ranking in the search results.
  • Create a Facebook fan page: Your updates will be indexed faster if you have a Facebook fan page. You even have better chances if you share helpful and relevant content with visitors on the page. Usually, Google ranks relevant articles better if they have the searched keyword. Therefore, make sure that your articles have great content and share them with target audiences through your facebook page. Writing fresh and quality articles for your facebook page requires researching, reading and effort. However, there is no shortcut to climbing up the Google ranking. You have to update your social media profiles and pages with fresh and relevant content.
  • Hire web content writing services: You might know website content writing tips but still find writing quality content for your website, blog and social media pages challenging. However, this does not mean you ignore the importance of content writing. You can hire professional web content writers to get quality blog posts, press releases, social media posts and other content written for you.

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