A review of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics data by Pew Research revealed a decline in the number of active reports by 17% over the last decade. This was attributed to the decrease in the salary of reporters relative to that of PR specialists and marketers.  

Journalists versus PR specialists and marketers in the modern world
Journalists versus PR specialists and marketers

According to this review, the salary gap between PR specialists and news reporters has been widening over the years. Currently, there is an annual gap of almost $20,000. Subsequently, the number of public relations specialists has surpassed that of news reporters. But, why are modern marketers and PR specialists earning more than typical journalists?  

Cause of Payment Disparity between Journalists, PR Specialists & Marketers

Anybody that has been in the communications, public relations, and marketing industries will tell you that it all boils down to supply and demand. Days of overly-stuffed newsrooms are long gone. That’s because traditional newsrooms were supported by advertising which has since dried up.

Advertisers have moved to digital media leaving these newsrooms to shrivel. Quality of journalism has also dropped, though that is another topic by itself. A small market of newspaper and radio can’t sustain a well-paid newsroom anymore since these channels can’t get money themselves.

No Demand for Quality Journalism

Currently, there is no supply for paying professional journalists because there is no demand for quality journalism. Anybody can use a Smartphone to disseminate news or advertise their product on social media free of charge.

But, what if you are Pepsi or Johnson and Johnson and you want to make a certain impression of your brand? This is particularly important when an impression drives sales or government contracts. It’s a Return on Investment that has to survive scrutiny by the accounting department.

Freelance writers and PR specialists taking over the industry.
Freelance writers and PR specialists

The media environment is increasingly fractured. Therefore, marketing and PR landscape needs professionals that knows how to navigate fracture lines as well as create repeatable and workable messages. That’s why the demand for professional marketing and PR specialists has been rising.

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