A writing website can compare to the storefront of a retail store. A storefront is an entryway or a facade where a retail store showcases its merchandise. The purpose of a storefront is to attract the visual attention of prospects, clients, and customers. Similarly, online writing websites attract people that might be interested in enlisting the writing services of a company, agency, or individual.

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Writing Websites Free Resources

Most people use the internet to find important information every day. A good writing website should not be focused on promoting writing services. It should also provide free resources to prospects. For instance, Bishop Writers’ blog is a great resource where you can learn most of the things that you want to know about SEO copywriting. Some of the best writing websites for students have blogs where learners can get amazing tips and guidelines for writing academic essays and research papers.

Unfortunately, not every writing site that you come across will have free resources. Some of the websites for writing feature promotional content online. Perhaps, you have come across writing sites that pay daily but they do not have free resources. Such websites have good clients and writers get paid to write about anything. Nevertheless, they still do not feature free resources for writers or clients. They are just for profit-making.

Why a Writing Website is Important

As hinted, a writing site is mainly for showcasing the skills of a writer or what an agency can offer. A person that is serious about hiring a writer will ask them to provide samples of their work. Having a writing website is a great way to showcase your skills and experience. It shows anybody interested in hiring your services that you know what you’re doing.

If you’re a website content writer, a good site will show prospects and clients your skills and style. In your website, you can feature a blog post that provides a detailed web writing definition. This can be a great free resource from which your target prospects can learn more about your services.

Fiction writers’ websites are also be used to showcase the authors’ work. An author can also have a writer portfolio website. This is a great place for showcasing the books that they have authored.  It can be a great place where somebody interested in reading more books from the author can find more details.

After an interview, a prospective client might be interested in learning more about a writer. Such a person can search for the freelancer writer website names. Having a good website can provide a good first impression on such a prospect. Thus, it can increase their chances of deciding to work with the writer.

How to Make a Freelance Writing Website

Now that you know why a writing website is important, the next step is to learn how to create a website for a writer. Before you rush to create a fancy writer’s website, you need to set some goals. What do you wish to accomplish with your website?

Some of the reasons for creating a freelance website include:

Have these basic goals in mind when creating a writing website to ensure that your final product will serve its purpose.

Steps for Creating a Website for Writers

You have probably come across a freelance writer website template. But, you need more than just a template to create a good Wix or WordPress website. Here are major steps to follow when you want to make a writing website.

Step 1: Create a Business Brand

Think about the name of your writing business. To create a brand for your writing business, ask these questions:

Your answers to such questions should guide you in branding your writing business. This is very important because your website is an important part of your writing business.

Step 2: Select a Content Management System

After creating a business brand, pick a good content management system. This will facilitate content creation and publication on the web. WordPress is one of the best content management systems online because it does not require you to learn coding to use.

Step 3: Register Your Domain and Get Hosting

A domain is a unique address where people can find your website on the web. A good domain name is unique and it matches the name of a business or brand. Once you have chosen a domain, select a hosting company. A hosting company provides a space where your website will live online. Read reviews first to choose good hosting companies. Some companies provide both domain registration and hosting services.

Step 4: Choose a Theme

The WordPress theme that you choose will dictate the appearance of your writing website. It will also influence its functionality. What’s more, choosing the right theme will make customizing and controlling your site easier. Therefore, browse through the WordPress Theme Directory to select the most appropriate theme for your writing business.

Step 5: Choose Your Content

What type of content do you want to have on your website? A freelance writer’s website can feature a homepage, online portfolio, service page, about page, contact page, and testimonials. Your website can also have blogs, FAQs, and freebies. Decide on the content to have on your website depending on the goals that you wish to accomplish with it.

Step 6: Create Your Website Content

At this step, you can now start creating content for your website. Start with keyword research to determine the best search terms to rank for. Start with the basic pages before you start writing blog posts. If you’re starting, visit content writing sites for beginners to familiarize yourself with what the industry expects of you.

Step 7: Launch

You can now celebrate as you launch your writing website. And, you don’t have to create loads of content for your website blog to launch it. You can launch your site with basic content and gradually fill it with blog posts.

Final Thought

A writing website is a great place to showcase your skills and portfolio. If you’re a writer and you don’t have one, you could be losing prospects to your competitors. Contact Bishop Writers if you need help to create content for your writer’s website. Email us via bishopwriters@gmail.com or fill out our content form and we will get back to you.